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Even though Costa Rica is a wonderful country, I cannot argue with the fact that the terrain can get rough as you move towards the center of the island country. Covered with cliffs, highland areas, rugged terrain covered with rocks and slippery stream beds, the island is all about natural beauty. Since you cannot tour around the land on feet, you need the best car.

However, not all cars are suitable for being driven on the Costa Rican land. And that’s why I have started 4X4 car rentals in my business services. These cars are SUVs which can accommodate four people. Also, they can cover any kind of terrain without causing you and other passengers any harm.

If you are not aware about the 4X4 vehicles that much, do not worry anymore, in this following discussion, I will make you familiar with the benefits of riding a 4X4 car in Costa Rica.

Better option for off-road travels

With the 4X4 cars, it is possible for drivers to drive on the off-roads like the cliffs, highlands, slippery river/stream beds, and so on. The wheels provide high traction which allows the vehicle to cross the obstacles with ease. You won’t have to worry about cross the forest floors or the rugged lands during your exploration trip in Costa Rica.

Provides additional safety to the passengers

Believe it or not, with a 4X4 rent a car from our car rental fleet, you will be able to discover the hidden treasures of the island easily. These cars are well-known for their better traction which helps in crossing the road blocks. Moreover, the cars have smooth suspension system working which will help in travelling comfortably without feeling the shocks and jerks of a rough drive.

Can be driven in any weather

One of the best things about the 4X4 SUV cars is that they can be driven in any weather condition without having to worry about accidents or any other mishap. Drivers can drive the car through heavy rain. No extra effort needs to be applied while driving the car through the rough land of Costa Rica.

Spacious interiors with large boot capacity

These cars are bulky and look monstrous, albeit in a good way. The interiors are highly spacious so that you can sit comfortably and enjoy the travel. Also, you won’t have to carry the luggage on the car’s top because the modern SUV cars have enhanced boot capacity that can accommodate several bags at a time.


With our 4X4 car rentals, you will be able to enjoy your vacation to Costa Rica without any problem. Just book the car online and make sure that you choose the best vehicle from our fleet option in terms of transmission system.