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Bahia Drake

Drake Bay is located in the northern part of the Bear Peninsula, near Corcovado National Park. The area is a wild, natural, with a lot of history, full of adventures and mysteries.

The area is part of a huge natural region with extensive protected forests, huge mangrove forests, pristine beaches, and miles and miles of uninhabited and natural coastlines.

Drake Bay is the point to visit Corcovado National Park. In Drake Bay and surrounding areas, we have several hotels and hostels, ranging from simple hotel cabins to luxury hotels located on the seafront.

From Drake Bay, we explore Corcovado, Rio Sierpe, Caño Island, as well as local attractions such as Rio Claro and Agujitas village, Los Planes, Las Caletas, and others.

Osa Peninsula

Bahia Drake

Bahía Drake is the main gate for those interested in exploring the north of Corcovado National Park and the Osa Peninsula, from Drake Bay to San Pedrillo. The place has its own airstrip, lodges and hotels, restaurants. Most people arrive in Bahia by boat leaving Sierpe, a small community on the banks of the River Sierpe. This trip takes about 1 hour. Local boat transfers can be booked in Sierpe.