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Arenal Volcano in La Fortuna San Carlos

The area of ​​Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna comprise one of the most visited destinations in Costa Rica today. The location in the plains of San Carlos (North Region) makes both La Fortuna de San Carlos and the tourist area of ​​Arenal are a bridge between several destinations in the country, such as Monteverde and Guanacaste, or Tortuguero, Sarqpiui, even those who won’t include a little adventure and ecotourism, Check our 4×4 Vehicles to start your adventure

The are Arenal categorize as the adventure zone of the country. Apart from countless complexes of volcanic hot springs, hotels of all kinds, there are a number of activities that come to complement the area. Among these activities are Canopy or Tirolesa, Canyoning, Canoeing, Rafting, Trekking, Arenal Hanging Bridges and many other attractions.

The Volcano has been in relative rest in the period 2010 – 2012, however, the area offers much more than just the volcano.

VOLCÁN ARENAL – Arenal Volcano is located 7 km from Fortuna, its area is 33 square kilometers, has been in constant activity since July 29, 1968, has two different landscapes one covered with lush vegetation that shelters a diversity of wildlife and a wild area of ​​lava flows and sands resulting from the constant eruptions. It is considered the main attraction of the area and the observation is given both day and night due to the possibility of enjoying some of its constant explosions and eruptions.

TABACON RIVER – It is located in the vicinity of the Arenal Volcano and due to a series of improvements in the banks, it became an attraction more of Fortuna, the hot springs of the Tabacón as it is known, have an average temperature of 37 degrees Cº, are waters that facilitate relaxation of muscles, cleansing the skin, as well as eliminating stress. Several companies operate in the vicinity and have developed access facilities and enjoyment among them: pools with several temperatures distributed in beautiful gardens and surrounded by a tropical forest.

CHATO VOLCANO – The Chato Volcano is located southeast of the Arenal and has an altitude of 1140 meters above sea level, the crater has 550 meters of diameter with an imposing lagoon bordered by lush vegetation, to visit it must make an effort due to the somewhat uncomfortable ascent but compensate by the observation of the forest, birds, the plains of the north and the imposing view of the Arenal Volcano.

WATERFALLS LA FORTUNA – It is another of the most striking attractions, is located 5.5 km from Fortuna, has designed a path with a steep slope that allows the observation of a waterfall that falls from 70 meters in height. The funds raised by the entrance to the cataract are used by the Association for the development of several social projects and activities in the area.

COMUNIDAD DE FORTUNA – It is located 253 m. of altitude, is a community formed by people of great spirit and entrepreneurial thrust, who converted an area of ​​agricultural vocation in a thriving area of ​​commerce and tourist services, has pleasant landscapes being the most striking the perfect cones of the Arenal Volcano and its inseparable Cerro Chato. It offers visitors a whole range of services and tourist products, in addition, it is an important departure point for Caño Negro, Caverns of Venado, Monteverde, and Tilarán, among others.

CAVES DE VENADO – They are located 3 km from the community of Venado, were discovered in 1962, presents a system of caves with unique geological characteristics, many of which have not yet been covered. Walking inside these caverns is a must for those adventurous and nature lovers, the length is approximately 2000 meters. Nowadays it is possible to enjoy without a problem since it has a good service of access, several tour companies in the zone realize a tour to know much of them.

La Fortuna

La Fortuna and the Arenal Volcano is perhaps the most popular destination in Costa Rica. For more than 25 years, Arenal has been one of the most active volcanoes in the world, with constant eruptions and lava activity.

La Fortuna is at the base of the volcano. Although the volcano has not been so active and has in fact been dormant since 2012, the attractions it has to offer to go much further. Rafting, canopy, rappelling, tubing, hiking, trekking, ATV tours, horseback riding, canoeing and ecotourism, and adventure travel are just some of the reasons why thousands of people visit La Fortuna.

The area is only 2.5 hours from San Jose, and after driving around Lake Arenal, the tourist can either reach Guanacaste or visit the cloud forest of Monteverde. This destination is one of the destinations in the country that we definitely recommend a lot.

Guanacaste is a dry and very interesting place to visit with a popular airport at Liberia you can book an airport transfer here if you are visiting the Papagayo area you can not leave without doing some fishing, Local Fishing Website here but overall the best of Guanacaste is it people very friendly and always willing to go that extra mile to help visitors, one of the things to need to do when visit this area is to try the local food, you will also find in a few places many traditions that can be a really nice experience.